About Us


Unika helps elder people claim their rights, challenge discrimination and overcome poverty, so that they can lead dignified, secure, active and healthy lives.
Unika has a vision of a world in which all elder people can lead dignified, active, healthy, and secure lives.
Our mission is to achieve positive change for elder people in the Uk,
Malawi , Zimbabwe but not limited to – ensuring that they enjoy their right to healthcare, social services, economic and physical security, promote social cohesion and reduce isolation

Our Project in Malawi

We identify elderly people who have no families or means of support and we are committed to providing them respite from their pain, fear, and hunger in the time that remains in their lives.

Unika is a Uk registered charity organisation established  to focus on the needs of vulnerable elders in Malawi who have been left homeless by providing shelter, food, health care as well as facilitating income generating activities so that they could  support themselves.

In order to effectively reach older people in Malawi, we work with a number of partners to.

– promote and protect the rights of older people
– meet the needs of older people

  By working with partners we are able to pull our expertise, cut down on duplication, streamline administration and – ultimately – reach more older people.

Our Projects In the UK

Africa Music Festival

Every year we hold a music festival  which brings people from various background and ethnicity to get to know Africa Through MUSIC.

Primarily, the goal of this event is to promote African music, art, and culture in the United Kingdom. We also aim to educate the non-African community about Africa’s traditional and contemporary art forms. In addition, we aim to bring awareness of the rich diversity of African culture through music and art. Through AMF, we seek to bring our community together to celebrate our culture and heritage through a medium and opportunity to display our talents and skills. We aim to promote diversity and interaction with the community.


The organisation will use the funding to purchase music and sound technology equipment and start delivering workshops to young adults from disadvantaged communities who are struggling to find employment. This will enable the group to engage with young adults who may lack the skills, experience and confidence to seek out training or employment in order to improve their confidence, teach them about using technical equipment and producing music to give them experience of working with others positively.

For more details see www.pamtengo.com

Unika has been funded £9600 by Big Lottery Fund – Awards For All to run this project

WAGS (WOMAN ASPIRING GREAT SUCCESS) is a business focus group aimed at inspiring and empowering women and men alike mainly those in developing countries but without excluding the ones in Diaspora shall opportunities arise. Often people are awarded for being in the lime light but WAGS (WOMAN ASPIRING GREAT SUCCES has seen rewarding silent and unrecognised achievers as a way of raising awareness that everyone matters.

WAGS aims at improving financial independence and empowering all parties involved with tools and skills that will lead them to success. We endeavour to make this organisation which falls under UNIKA Charity a platform to create opportunities for many and with all the training from accredited life coaches and business people with excellent business acumen we will achieve greater things. We produce valid and excellent results for none other than ourselves.